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About The Podcast

Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast and hopefully some peace of mind.

Lake life with Molley and Chad is a podcast dedicated to Boating, Lake boating more specifically. Our story begins when Molley’s Dad purchased a 16ft Mark Twain tri-haul to spend weekends and days after work on the water with family and friends. Thus begins the love/hate relationship with boating for her. From days anchored out floating jamming on some Alabama (her Dad’s favorite band) to slicing the glass-like water with a slalom ski as the sunsets over the dam. Chad married into the lifestyle and now is either on the Heyday dragging their kids all over the lake every weekend or chilling on the pontoon. Most of their friends own boats of all types. They are basically on the water all weekend in the summer. This Husband and Wife team has seen a lot over their 20+ years boating together and would like to share some laughs, some stories, and hopefully some peace of mind about boat ownership from top to bottom.

From the Boat Shed


Episode 21: This episode is Part 2 of the interviews Molley and Chad conducted from the Lake Cumberland State Dock Dock Crawl 2022 event. People who embrace the lake life love talking about their boats, the experience and what makes lake life so special.

Lake Cumberland State Dock Dock Crawl 2022 - Part 1

Episode 20: In this episode, Molley and Chad record from the Lake Cumberland State Dock Dock Crawl 2022 event. It’s definitely a party atmosphere. They had a great time experiencing the fun and conducting interviews for the podcast. Some of the interviews may not be suitable for children, so you may want to listen to Dock Crawl episodes when they’re not around.

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